1. The check engine light is on.

2. Your transmission is not shifting like it usually does.

3. When shifting from gear to gear as you are accelerating the shifts seem too firm or too soft.

4. When driving and trying to accelerate, if your RPMs are rising but you are not accelerating, your internal clutches could be slipping.

5. Fluid is leaking on to your driveway, garage floor or ground and the fluid is red.

6. Your vehicle goes into “Limp Mode”. This can occur when your check engine light is on and you are trying to pull away. You will notice that your acceleration is very poor because your onboard computer is putting the transmission into second gear as you accelerate.

7. When accelerating onto a highway and you are going through the gears to reach highway speed your RPMs do not drop. This is called going into “Lock Up”.

8. You notice a decrease in fuel mileage.

9. You hear a strange noise or noises as the car is shifting gears.

10. You check your transmission fluid and it is not red or it smells burnt. (Some vehicles do not have a transmission fluid dip stick. You can bring your vehicle by one of our locations and we will check your fluid free of charge.)


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